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Soldier Biblos
Yet another redesign of one of my older characters, this guy here - - he was never finished so I decided a make over was in order.

I'm thinking of changing his name, but I'm not 100% sure about that yet, and please ignore the scribble in the top corner, it's unimportant at the moment.
Here's some info for him....


Senshi Name: Sailor Biblos
Civilian Name: Amory Leigh Kingsglaive, technically "Heir apparent Amory Kingsglaive the 5th of the Biblian Kingdom"
Level: Eternal
Species\Ethnicity: Biblian (humanoid), very pale with light eyes and dark hair
Gender: Male
Birthday: 12-31 by Earths calender
Age: Appears around 18-19-ish but is actually centuries old
Height: 5'3
Special abilities: Eidetic memory, Levitation, Is able to draw things originally written down into reality, though they have a time limit for how long they can remain.
Backstory: Amory was born on the planet Biblos, as a bastard child of the King with the palace Librarian. After his birth The King -in his shame and embarrassment- made life miserable for his mother and him by pressuring shop keepers to hike prices when selling to her and often anonymously reporting her to the guard for false crimes, with encouragement from his children, though his wife was strangely quiet about things. It was a terrible situation all the way around and his mothers reputation suffered greatly, and when he was a small child his mother took him and fled the palace disappearing into the world with out a trace. Amory grew up in a small village where no one knew of them and had a normal, peaceful and happy childhood. Things changed when he was eighteen though, when a smaller upstart kingdom attacked his village as the stepping stone for invasion. He awoke as Sailor Biblos and repelled the invading army. After the resulting was Biblos left his home world and wandered, eventually landing within the Galaxy Cauldron, discovering a massive library of senshi history. He made it his mission to oversee it and archive new senshi to fill the shelves even more.
Personality: Though he tends to keep an almost smirk as his default expression, he is very kind and upbeat. Generous and caring, he does his absolute best to help any who need it. He has a temper though and is a vicious fighter in battle, but has a merciful streak that rears it's head at some inopportune times.
Henshin Item and Description: A red jewel in an ornate gold setting, with two smaller crystals coming off the top with a small tear shaped crystal hanging from the bottom.
Henshin Phrase: Biblos Planet Power! Make Up!
Henshin Description: He falls backward into an open book which closes and spins rapidly. It the flips through the air, opening and depositing Sailor Biblos, who hands in a crouch before standing arms casually crossed infront of his chest
Weapon and Description: A locked tome and feather quill, can be used to bludgeon and stab if needed
Attack Names and Descriptions:

Word Craft: He uses his quill to write in his book before calling out his attack name and pointing the book at the enemy, causing what was written to come into reality to attack.

Archivist Cuirass: He calls out the attack name as he spins rapidly causing pages to be summoned from the books that make up his skirt to form a shield in front of him and two others

Guardian Name and Description: None
Other Information:

Sailor Biblos (c) Me
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
*New* Soldier Hypatia
So this is a redesign of this here - - The one in brown to the far right.

So this is the initial design Asclepius hijacked in his redesign, but seeing as they are from the same story I think it's fine. He has a partner in his fiancé Kwon Hyun-Ki aka Soldier Bettinus. His info is below


General Info
Senshi Name: Sailor Hypatia
Civilian Name: Axel Accardi
Other Aliases: None
Titles: None
Age: 18
Birthday: 11-15
Species: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Physical Traits
Body Type: Lithe, Petite
Height: 5'2
Weight: 115
Skin Color: Fair Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde with bronze tips
Hair Length: Just past shoulders
Hair Style: Curly, up-do
Eye Color: Blue
Disabilities / Injuries: None
Other: Pierced ears
Casual Clothing: Kilts, tees and sneaks

Psychological Traits
Ethical Alignment: Good
Positive Traits: Friendly, Cheerful, Generous
Negative Traits: Stubborn, Impatient, Temper
Mental issues: None
Goals: To have his own make up and fashion lines
Fears: Spiders, Birds, Heights
Spiritual Beliefs: Meh
How others see them: Someone who is happy without a care in the world, someone who has never had to struggle with anything.
How they see themselves: Your typical guy, but one who doesn't like showing weakness in public unless it is unavoidable.

Personality Questionnaire

Outgoing / Reserved: Outgoing
Shy / Sociable: Sociable
Self Reliant / Group follower: Self reliant
Open to change / Traditional: Open to change
Emotional / Calm: Looks calm but is quite emotional
Confident / Self doubting: Confident
Imaginative / Practical: Imaginative
Impulsive / Restrained: Restrained
Sympathetic / Uncaring: Sympathetic
Likeable / Unlikable: Likeable

Background Info
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Where they currently live: Family lives in Chicago, but he lives in Japan while working
Social Class: Upper class
Education: Haneda International School, Tokyo
Occupation: Member of an Idol group, though is more recognized as a model for an alternative life style fashion house.
Favorite food: Sandwich wraps, Pizza
Hobbies: Design, Video Games, Dance, Drawing, collecting clocks
Misc. Talents: Perfect pitch
What they love: His job, his family, napping, eating, rain and storms, comics\manga, animals, honesty, affection, sweets, spicy foods
What they hate: Bigots, bullies, hot-hot weather, bitter things, driving
Family: Theo and Yusuke Accardi -Dads-, Maddison "Madds/Maddy" Accardi -Little Sister-
Pets: Mocha and Snickers, a pair of teacup Pomeranians that keep him company when he has to live away from home.
Friends: Jaeger Lovette-Halliwell, Rhoswen Gallagher, Akane Takahashi
Lovers: Kwon Hyun-Ki  "Jet" -fiancé-

About the Sailor Senshi
What they represent: Hypatia, a lunar crater
Colors: Light brown, red, gold, cream, white
Henshin / Transformation Phrase: Hypatia Power! Make Up!
Description of their Sailor uniform:
Animal companions / guardians: None
How they became a Sailor Senshi: He inherited his power from a stone monument during an attack during the silver millennium. He died in the attack by the dark kingdom and was reborn in the future.
Current purpose as a Senshi: He has no idea, he was a palace guard in the no idea what to do with himself in the present as he was never really considered part of Serenity's court.
Struggles they must overcome: Finding a purpose
Other Senshi & groups they affiliate with:
How your character relates to Sailor Moon canon:

Role in Battle: Offensive Warrior
Combat Training / Experience: Minimal, mostly against daimons
Physical Strengths: Quick, Agile
Physical Weaknesses: Physical strength
Magical Strengths: Multiple hits, area damage
Magical Weaknesses: Water powers
Element: Time, Clockwork, Starlight
Taboo: None, his time powers are minuscule and their scope is so tiny they don't effect anything outside of his immediate area
Other Abilities: Time slipping, he can slip into the past or future without the use of the time gate, but it takes a lot of energy to do

Starlight Mechanism: Gathers energy into the clocks on his uniform which glow before releasing a swarm of shimmering spheres of light that act as sensory mines. They explode with caustic energy when triggered. This energy can read Hypatias intent to a degree and wont detonate around those he considers allies. The clocks on his uniform spin while this attack is active. Lasts ten minutes tops
Clockwork Top: Takes off his top hat and gripping the gear on it he launches it like a top cutting into foes. It returns after a short period by reappearing on his head.
Historia Crux: Time energy swells around him before condensing into shimmering gears that launch at enemies. They do minimal damage but damage the flow of time around the point they struck, which if someone is partially caught in the attack can have fatal results.

Henshin / Transformation Item: A pen identical to the first one used by the senshi, symbol is a gear and crescent moon
Magical Wands: None
Weapons: Antique Gear - Has two forms - 1: Gear from which is wielded like a hula hoop\ring blade ala Tira from Soul Calibur. - 2: Can be split into two curved swords wielded in reverse grip.
Armor: None
Technology: Communication device

I love his new form, now to design his partner.

Soldier Hypatia (c) Me
Pokemon trainer exchange: Cara
My piece for this -

For :iconnekochanthekitty: I chose her trainer Cara, mostly because I liked her variety of outfits. I pictured her with two of her pokemon Sylveon (Pixie) and a female Meowstic (Mittens).

I hope you like it :)

Cara (c) :iconnekochanthekitty:
Sailor Phekda
So this is a character I'm fiddling with at the moment, like my Sailor EmpressTeta, he was used in a writing assignment from summer school waaayyy back in the day. He is named for a star in the ursa major constellation.

Sailor Phekda (c) Me


Sakura-Chirari's Profile Picture
Mesha Ascendant
United States
Current Residence: Parma, Id
Favourite genre of music: Varies
Favourite style of art: Anime, traditional
MP3 player of choice: i-pod
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: Rainbows
Skin of choice: My Own XD
Favourite cartoon character: Don't have one
Personal Quote: If we're not supposed to have midnight snacks why is there a light in the fridge??
  • Listening to: Utakata
  • Reading: Various Fanifiction
  • Watching: Food Network
  • Playing: Elder Scrolls Online
  • Eating: Cheese and Crackers
  • Drinking: Soda
So noting everyone would be very time consuming so I'll just make a journal for it as I've seen a few others have done as well... before getting started on my pic I thought it might be a good idea to get permission to use other constellation senshi before ironing out the final details. I'm not sure if I'll end up drawing any of the front liners at the moment since my Cam\Auriga is a back liner, but still it's better to have asked permission first y'know?

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