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COLLAB: Gen 1 Jan and Lynx :iconunisamas-art:Unisamas-Art 40 11 RP: Auriga aceo :iconunisamas-art:Unisamas-Art 16 3 Noctis .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,574 213 Steampunk Leia :iconnoflutter:NoFlutter 512 11
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Sailor Ixion
My senshi for :icondwarf-alliance: by SolarMiko

I'll add his info when I get it completely together but I wanted to at least get his refrence posted.
Tarot Senshi: Brawler Dis Pater
For :icontarot-senshi: by purenightshade and StefBani

Name: December Evan Law
Age: 17
Birthday: 02-14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Availability: Single
Physical Features: Light blonde hair that is worn in a short and wispy style with two longer portions in front of his ears -grows and worn in a pony tail when transformed- with fair skin and pale blue eyes rimmed with silver. He' quite short at 5'3" and has a slender and petite build.
Clothing Style:  December has a rather simple style consisting of tight fitting graphic tees and baggy jeans -will wear the occasional mini skirt because it throws people off and makes some uncomfortable which amuses him. He is also very fond of clunky high-tops, bulky headphones and multiple "wallet chains" and is never seen without them.

Likes: Pizza, Video Games, Visual Kei, Storms, Writing music, Cooler weather, Performing, Changing things up, Outfit design, Manga
Dislikes: Seafood -all of it-, bigoted people, Geese, Rap music, Really hot weather, Horror movies, People who wear too much perfume/cologne, Western style comics
Inabilities: Showing emotion as he tends to internalize his feelings, carries grudges, a tad vindictive, rage trigger firmly in the on position
Strengths: Supportive, focused, adaptable, multi tasking, patient for the most part
Latent Ability: Psychometry, ambidextrous
Personality: Upbeat and friendly -sometimes comes across as too friendly- but he ultimately treats people how they treat him. He can be easily embarrassed but can laugh it off and put it behind him, though he has a short fuse and explosive temper, but it dies quickly, he tries not to show this to friends. Has a bit of a rebellious side and can be quite mischievous when the mood strikes.
School: Domdaniel Highschool
Housing district: Phlegethon Heights/Mnemosyne Falls
Background: December was born to Arianna Law - a coroner- and Daniel Law -a popular jazz musician- and was quite the -unwanted in Daniel's case- surprise. The couple were approaching fifty and had three grown children when he was discovered. Everyone told her it was going to be dangerous to carry him and to consider her health, but Arianna was stubborn and December was born nine months later. This lead to his parents divorcing when he was an infant, Daniel didn't want another child -and really never wanted any to begin with- so left Gehenna City after the divorce. December finds it ironic that he has some what followed in his dad's footsteps by joining the Visual Kei band "Morrigan Cross" as the lead guitarist. The group is on indefinite hiatus due to medical concerns involving their vocalist. He do quite good in school and wants to eventually become a forensic pathologist .

Senshi Name: Brawler Dis Pater - Dis for short
Tarot Card: Death, Xlll
Element: Energy, Soul, Sound, Death
Colours: Black, White, Pink
Symbol: Skull
Henshin Item:  Skull pendant wearing a jeweled circlet, used as a cell phone charm.

Name of Power: Evanescent Pressure
Power Type: Defensive/Offensive switch
Description: Skulls made of a mist like energy squall around Dis. He then raises his hands above his head and the skulls coalesce into a large disc of energy. He can then bring it down to act as a shield or throw it at the enemy, or sequence it and do both if possible.

Death tarot key words: Upright- endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition. Reversed- resistant to change, unwilling to move on

Uploading on a phone is a pain, just putting it out there XD

Brawler Dis (c) Me
Fortuna Victrix
Pic of my Sailor Fortuna in the midst of his weapon attack, Fortuna Victrix which boots the attack power of himself and nearby allies. I have no idea what to name his weapons nothing tends to sound right for very long, it's quite aggravating.

He's part of :iconasteroidsenshi:

Sailor Fortuna (c) Me
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Asteroid-Senshi by li-xiang
A newer version of the original design

Nothing much else to say, I'm revamping his info for this and will add it later.

Sailor Bianca (c) Me
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi


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Favourite cartoon character: Don't have one
Personal Quote: If we're not supposed to have midnight snacks why is there a light in the fridge??
  • Listening to: Utakata
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So noting everyone would be very time consuming so I'll just make a journal for it as I've seen a few others have done as well... before getting started on my pic I thought it might be a good idea to get permission to use other constellation senshi before ironing out the final details. I'm not sure if I'll end up drawing any of the front liners at the moment since my Cam\Auriga is a back liner, but still it's better to have asked permission first y'know?

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